Terms and Conditions for Cypher Conference, USA

1. Introduction

These Terms and Conditions govern your participation in the Cypher Conference (hereinafter referred to as “Cypher”), organized by AIM Research, a division of Analytics India Magazine. By registering for or attending Cypher, you agree to these Terms and Conditions.

2. Registration and Admission

2.1. Registration for Cypher must be completed through the official website or authorized channels. 2.2. Admission to the conference is subject to registration approval. 2.3. AIM Research reserves the right to reject any registration without providing reasons.

3. Payment and Ticket Transfer

3.1. All fees are payable in advance of the event date. 3.2. Tickets purchased are non-refundable under any circumstances. 3.3. Tickets may be transferred to another person. The original registrant must notify AIM Research in writing to facilitate the transfer. 3.4. No partial refunds or credits will be given for unused tickets.

4. Program Changes

4.1. AIM Research reserves the right to make alterations to the event program without prior notice. 4.2. Such changes will not entitle participants to a refund or any form of compensation.

5. Conduct and Safety

5.1. Participants must conduct themselves in a professional and respectful manner at all times. 5.2. Any form of harassment, discrimination, or disruptive behavior is strictly prohibited. 5.3. AIM Research reserves the right to remove any participant deemed to be engaging in inappropriate behavior without compensation.

6. Intellectual Property

6.1. All intellectual property rights in materials produced or distributed in relation to Cypher are owned by AIM Research or its content providers. 6.2. Unauthorized reproduction, distribution, or use of any material is prohibited.

7. Data Protection and Privacy

7.1. Personal information collected during registration will be used in accordance with AIM Research’s Privacy Policy. 7.2. AIM Research may use this information for future marketing and promotional purposes.

8. Liability

8.1. AIM Research will not be liable for any loss, damage, injury, or expense suffered by participants at Cypher. 8.2. In no event shall AIM Research be liable for indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages.

9. Force Majeure

In the event that Cypher is canceled or postponed due to circumstances beyond the control of AIM Research (such as natural disasters, strikes, terrorism, or severe weather conditions), no refunds will be given. However, tickets may be retained for a future event.

10. Governing Law

These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the state in which the conference is held.

11. Amendment to Terms

AIM Research reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time. Participants will be subject to the policies and Terms and Conditions in force at the time they register for the event.

Contact Information

For more details or inquiries, please reach out to us at info@aimresearch.co.

Acknowledgment and Acceptance of Terms

By completing the registration for Cypher, participants acknowledge and accept these Terms and Conditions.