Harnessing the Power of AI to Accelerate Energy Transition


The energy sector is undergoing a significant transformation as the world shifts towards cleaner and more sustainable sources of power. Shell is at the forefront of this change, leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) to optimize operations, reduce emissions, and enhance efficiency across its global operations. Shell’s collaboration with AI start-ups, partners and vendors enables the company to harness AI’s potential in analyzing vast amounts of operational data & patterns resulting in maximized energy output and reduced operational costs. Shell utilizes AI-powered predictive maintenance to identify potential equipment failures before they occur, minimizing downtime and increasing the overall efficiency of energy production as well as contributing to a more reliable energy supply. In addition to optimizing existing energy infrastructure, Shell is investing in AI-driven research to develop innovative low-carbon technologies. Machine learning algorithms are being used to accelerate the discovery of new materials for energy storage, such as advanced batteries, and enhance the efficiency of carbon capture and storage processes. Shell is exploring AI’s potential to effectively integrate distributed energy resources, like electric vehicles and home solar systems, into a flexible and resilient grid. With over 100 AI applications in development, Shell is now focusing on building Gen AI based solutions to enhance business processes through text summarization, knowledge management, search, Q&A, and synthetic data generation etc. By embracing AI’s wide potential, Shell is driving innovation, improving efficiency, and contributing to a more sustainable energy future for all.


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Harnessing the Power of AI to Accelerate Energy Transition