Schedule for Cypher 2024

📍Santa Clara Convention Center, California

Cypher is a Must-attend event for AI professionals and business leaders to discover how Enterprises in USA are adopting Generative AI.

We are finalizing the schedule for Cypher 2024, which will feature over 70 distinguished speakers. The event will include two parallel tracks: Keynotes & Discussions in Hall 1 and Technical Deep Dives in Hall 2. Attendees will have the freedom to attend any of these sessions.

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  • Day 1 Hall 1 - Keynotes & Discussions

    Nov 21, 2024

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  • Day 1 Hall 2 - Technical Deep Dives

    Nov 21, 2024

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  • Day 2 Hall 1 - Keynotes & Discussions

    Nov 22, 2024

  • Embark on your generative AI journey with confidence. In this session, we'll unveil the top 10 crucial insights you need before launching your AI company or product. Join us for a power-packed guide to starting smart in generative AI.

  • Day 2 Hall 2 - Technical Deep Dives

    Nov 22, 2024

  • Modern ML Systems comprise of complex data pipelines and multiple transformations happening in multiple layers of the system like the Data Warehouse, Offline Feature Store, Online Feature Store etc. Some examples of these transformations include ingesting the data from Production DBs to the Data Warehouse, for example, Postgres to Snowflake and then within the warehouse, doing transformations like cleaning the data and then aggregating them to build features and persisting them in the offline feature store. Data quality monitoring is where the production feature data fed to the models is analyzed at set cadences and is used to generate metrics by comparing it to the training data used to train that particular model. It is used to identify training serving skew in live models. In this talk, I will talk about the various metrics to look for when setting up monitoring for ML Models in Production. I will also talk about how to setup scalable infrastructure to be able to efficiently monitor Data Quality, Model Quality, Explainability and Bias in Production and how to setup MLOps Pipelines to do so.

  • A recent study from the Allen Institute for AI revealed that the accuracy of Large Language Models (LLMs) decreases as input length increases. Such research serves as evidence that adding more guidelines to a prompt does not ensure consistent reliability in GenAI outputs. In this talk, Alon Gubkin, Co-Founder and CTO of Aporia, will explain why commonly used methods, such as prompt engineering, are insufficient for safeguarding applications against challenges like hallucinations. Alon makes the argument for an alternative solution: the implementation of guardrails, which add that much-needed layer of security and control between the app and the user. Walking the audience through the benefits of guardrails, Alon will share his expertise on ensuring the secure and reliable deployment of GenAI technologies.

  • This talk will cover the latest developments in Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs). We will discuss how AI Labs are going about the new arms race in developing frontier multi-modal AI models and how these powerful models are breaking new ground in generating high-quality text, images, and videos. We will cover new research in LLM evaluation, the role of human feedback in developing LLMs, and the challenges in developing multi-modal LLMs.

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Minsky Awards for Excellence in AI

The Minsky Awards at Cypher are the prestigious AI awards, given out exclusively at the enterprise level. These awards are dedicated to recognizing excellence in AI, showcasing the very best in innovation and application of artificial intelligence.

2024 Nominations Open.

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An intense focus on real-world AI adoption strategies, shared directly by leading CDOs and analytics experts. Be part of an event where actionable insights meet innovative strategies, shaping the future of enterprise AI.




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Embark on a 2-day journey across 2 captivating tracks.

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100+ speakers, 3 different tracks, 3 consecutive days, 1000+ attendees and 300+ organizations including several Fortune 500 organization CXO’s

It was an amazing experience presenting at India’s largest conference – Cypher AI – on the topic from latest research in neurosciences – “Unlock your Inner AI to succeed in the external AI world”,

Outcomes – 3 media interviews and 7 invites from 4 countries across 3 continents to speak on the same topic.

Raja Jamalamadaka


It’s always great to exchange ideas and network with leaders and Cypher 2023 was the perfect platform for the same. Here’s looking forward to more such events and eventually Cypher 2024 !!!

Rahul Krishnan


CYPHER23 is long over, but we’re still not over it yet! Three packed days of insightful sessions by tech experts from various industries, attractive booths, thousands of walk-ins, and more than 1700 delegates that attended the 3-day conference.

Sherene Joseph


We attended India’s largest AI summit #Cypher 2023 . The event offered a wealth of insights on AI trends and industry use cases. We’re thrilled to report that the outlook for #AI is promising and we’re enthusiastic about our role in driving AI

Karthik T S

Torry Harris