Convince your Boss

October 11 – 13, 2023

Unsure of how to persuade your company to pay for your attendance at Cypher but still interested in going?

You’ve arrived at the proper location.

Registration is simply one component of the conference fee. Other expenditures will need to be taken into account

Taking everything into account, your boss will want to hear reasoned explanations for your attendance. It takes persuasiveness to persuade management to allow you to attend a conference and to explain how the conference would improve your performance and benefit your business.

Step 1: Become familiar with Cypher's layout and specifics.

Make sure you’ve properly researched the conference schedule and speakers before bringing up the conference with your supervisor.

Learn about all your possibilities and begin considering which sessions would best advance the goals and aspirations of your company. What are our immediate and long-term objectives? Next, decide which sessions are most likely to advance these objectives.

Inquire about the following significant information as well:

  1. how long has the conference been going on? (this will help you determine the level of quality you can expect)
  2. demographics of attendees and speakers
  3. Dates, times (and whether they will interfere with any ongoing obligations)
  4. Event structure (types of sessions, etc.)

Step 2: Write down the seminars you plan to attend

Make a list of your choices and a brief reasoning for each in an outline form. Be precise in your reasoning.

Consider the speakers with whom you’d like to network as well. Make a list of the top five speakers who will have the most insightful information to impart, and then come up with a few questions you’d like to ask each of them.

This list of speakers and discussion topics may be used as an additional tool to demonstrate that you are committed to making the most of the conference and that it will be valuable.

Step 3: List your top three justifications for going.

Your supervisor will want to understand as briefly as you can why Cypher is special and why it is worthwhile to go. 

At Cypher, you will discover tried-and-true strategies for increasing your knowledge and networking, as well as acquire useful skills. 

Cypher will make you reevaluate your present assumptions while also giving you useful tips and takeaways. Our speakers will push you to consider your job critically. Additionally, they will provide you with suggestions and activities you may use right now.

This is an excellent chance for networking. At Cypher, several of the nation’s top authorities on AI, analytics, data science, tech, and deep learning will be present (both as speakers and as participants). 

You will have the chance to speak with authorities in AI, gain insight from one another’s struggles and triumphs, and establish enduring relationships.

Step 4: Send your manager a formal request letter (this step is optional, but we recommend it).

Your supervisor will have access to all the details they want in a convincing request letter to make an educated choice.

In your introduction, you should be honest and list your top three motivations for attending.

You should explain how the occasion will be beneficial to you, your company, and any ongoing related efforts.

A list of a few sessions you’d want to attend as well as a list of five speakers you’d like to network with should be included.

An anticipated cost breakdown ought to be included. How much will you need for transportation, food, and lodging? If you can discover a way to do this, your boss could be willing to send you, giving you a negotiating chip.